Plush mattress on a wood & metal bed in a bedroom

3 Reasons a Soft Mattress May Be Right for You

Could your mattress use a plushness upgrade? Here’s how to tell.

Rachel Rohanna swinging a golf club

Meet Rachel Rohanna, Mom and Pro-Athlete

When you’re a mom, the act of balancing work and family feels sometimes impossible....

Mattress in bedroom with a Newsweek America's Best Home & Garden Brands 2023 banner overlaid

How We Became America’s #1 Mattress Brand

The results are in! Newsweek has named Zinus the #1 mattress brand for 2023....

Wood bed frame with DIY shelf headboard in a bedroom

The DIY Headboard Idea You Need to Try This Spring

Calling all DIY enthusiasts! Expert home renovator Janelle Payne shows us how to build...

Mattress and upholstered bed frame in a traditional bedroom

Do You Need a Firmer Mattress? Here Is How to Tell.

Find out if your mattress could use a firmness upgrade.

Woman on bed with coffee mug

Real People Tell Us How They Get Better Sleep With a Stuffy Nose

We surveyed 1,000 people to get the scoop on their home remedies for sleeping...

Graphic with different women and the hashtag, #IWD2023

The Advice Every Girl Needs to Hear on International Women’s Day

For #IWD2023, we asked our very own women in Zinus leadership to share what...

Mattress box in a living room

Why Mattresses in a Box Are Not What You Think

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about boxed mattresses. Find out why...

Happy woman sitting on a mattress box

What Is a Mattress in a Box?

Is it just a fad or something you should seriously consider for yourself? Here...

Smiling girl laying on a mattress with her dog

The Benefits of CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam, Explained

Questioning what’s really in your mattress? Luckily, you can rest easy knowing that our...

Woman in comfy clothes relaxing on living room sofa

How to Make Your Sunday Reset Count

Trying to make the most of your weekends? We asked a self- care expert...

Small basement with sectional, armchair, and TV

How to Decorate and Make Use of Your Small Nook

Got a small room, nook, or corner you’re not sure what to do with?...

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Bamboo Furniture – Why the Sustainability Hype Is Real

Don’t think your furniture can play a part in preserving our planet? Think again!...

Baby with santa hat sleeping on a couch

8 Ways to Save Your Sleep From Holiday Stress

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but for many it’s...

Mother and daughter sitting on a green sofa

5 Color Palette Ideas for Any Holiday Style

From traditional to unconventional, these holiday decorating ideas will help you love your home...

Woman sleeping on a mattress

The Surprising Benefits of Lucid Dreaming, Explained

With a little practice, dreams can actually be used as a tool for self-improvement.

Zinus Hope mattress with a bow on top

Delivering Hope in Ukraine, One Bed at a Time

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine has forced millions of people to leave their homes...

Kids on top of two twin beds in a shared room.

Ideas for Your Shared Kids Room That Will Keep the Whole Family Happy

Sharing a room with a sibling isn’t always easy. Learn our most practical tips...

Vintage style bedroom with a contemporary bed

6 Tips for Mixing Interior Design Styles Together

Think the two styles you love won’t mix well? Think again! We’re sharing our...

Man sleeping with pillow cradled under arm

How to Sleep Pain-Free in Any Position

Waking up with aches and pains? Your sleep position could be the problem. A...

Woman working on armchair in a home office

How to Set up the Ideal Work From Home Office

Learn how to create a comfortable, productive workspace with minimal square footage and no...

Mom and son hugging on a bed

6 Ways to Create a Realistic School Morning Routine

Struggling to get the kids out the door on time? A little tinkering with...

Woman sleeping next to an alarm clock

How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Need? Here’s How to Tell.

If you’re not feeling well rested, it might be that you're not spending enough...

Woman on a bed

A Feng Shui Expert Explains How to Arrange a Bedroom That Is Uniquely You

Feeling stuck in life? You may be surprised at what a little Feng Shui...

Woman trying to sleep in bed

10 Ways to Sleep Cooler You’ve Probably Never Tried (AC Not Required)

Beat the heat this summer with some of our unconventional tips for cooler sleep.

Mom, dad, and kids sitting on the patio at the dining table.

Celebrate Father’s Day With a Grill Enthusiast’s Favorite Recipe

Show your appreciation for dad this summer with a versatile dish designed to be...

Euro top mattress on a metal bed

Different Mattress Top Types, Explained by a Mattress Expert

Our Zinus in-house mattress expert breaks down the differences between the four most common...

Contemporary patio set on a deck

How to Style Your Perfect Outdoor Oasis

Set up your outdoor space for spring and summer with tips and inspiration for...

Velvet bed with white and blue bedding.

How to Make Your Bed Like an Absolute Pro

Plus other genius tips to keep your bed looking and feeling fresh as a...

Mom in the kitchen with two kids

The Breakfast in Bed Recipe You Need to Try This Mother’s Day

See how an expert-level foodie turns the classic breakfast in bed into an indulgent...

Neutral bedroom with board and batten wall

6 Accent Wall Ideas That’ll Give Your Room a Facelift

From shapes and designs to moss and moulding, here are our favorite ways to...

Mattress with luxurious bedding and pillows

Design Spotlight: The Making of Our Luxe Collection

A closer look at how we designed and produced our first-ever luxury mattress lines.

Woman writing in bed

Got Insomnia? Try One of These Proven Techniques to Fall Asleep.

Find out what’s causing your insomnia and what you can do tonight to break...

Man sleeping on bed in partially dark room

Does Your Circadian Rhythm Need a Reset? Here’s How to Tell.

If your sleep schedule seems out of whack, it could be a sign that...

Woman with eyemask sleeping in bed

Our Best Tips for Better Sleep, Based on What Keeps Real People up at Night

We asked, and you answered. Check out what actual people are saying about what...

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The Biggest Home Decor Trends of 2022, According to Interior Stylist Julie Sousa

Learn what decorating trends we can expect to see more of this year, and...

Bedroom with mattress on a platform bed.

What Is a Zinus Mattress Made Of?

A look at the building blocks that help us craft our memory foam and...

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8 Steps You Can Take Today to Improve Your Sleep Apnea, According to Experts

Learn how this common condition could be compromising your sleep and your health, and...

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How to Fine-Tune Your Morning Routine for Maximum Productivity

Trying to get more done on a daily basis? Start by changing the way...

Butternut squash soup and strawberry flatbread on a winter themed table

3 Easy Winter Recipes We Love This Season

From savory to sweet, these simple, yet Pinterest-worthy dishes are just as delicious on...

Traditional sofa in a living room with Christmas decor

The No-Stress Way to Prepare for Holiday Guests

It’s that time of year again! Be the ultimate host for your holiday visitors...

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How to Style Any Living Space With Our Best Sofa Collections Yet

From aspirational to attainable. Our favorite ways to decorate and arrange your living room...

Contemporary bedroom with bed and nightstand.

How to Use Contemporary Design in Any Room

Trends come and go, but a contemporary aesthetic can work in any home, whatever...

Sectional sofa and an armchair in a living room

Design Spotlight: Meet Our Sectional Sofa Collections

Learn how we translated our bedroom expertise into our comfiest living room collections yet.

Woman napping on a bed

How to Get the Most Out of a Power Nap

Combat daytime sleepiness with this scientifically proven energy booster.

Large dog sitting on a dog bed

Different Dog Sleeping Positions, Decoded

On the side, sprawled out, or curled up? Learn what the most common positions...

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5 Interior Design Styles and How to Pull Them off at Home

One of our favorite home décor styles might be just the thing to freshen...

Woman sleeping on an adjustable bed

4 Sleep Positions To Try With an Adjustable Bed for Better Health and Relaxation

Improve the way you feel with a bed that hits all the right angles.

child sleeping on bed

7 Common Dreams and What They Could Mean

Discover the meaning and interpretations for some of the most common dreams.

children's bedroom

10 Kids Room Design Tips and Ideas

Top tips and inspiration for designing and furnishing your little one’s room.

Cleaning your Upholstered Furniture

Tips to Clean Your Upholstered Furniture

Get your couch and upholstered furniture looking clean and brand new with these step-by-step...

Bedroom Decor For Spring Inspiration

How to Refresh Your Bedroom Decor for Spring

Update your bedroom for spring with tips and inspiration from blogger and interior decorator...

best sleep positions for you

The Best Sleep Position for You

Learn about the most common sleep positions and their pros and cons. Whether you...

pablo outdoor patio set by pool

How to Take Care of Your Outdoor Furniture

Learn all about how to care for outdoor furniture, from weatherproof to style. With...

yoga positions

6 Yoga Stretches to Do Before Bed

Wind down before bed with these 6 bedtime yoga poses from yoga instructor Jessica...

diy jute headboard

Easy DIY Headboard Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Create your own unique headboard with a few tips and tricks from home decor...

girl sitting on suzanne usb platform bed

10 Positive Affirmations to Help You Start 2021 Right

With 2021 upon us, what better way to begin the year than by making...

holiday cake recipe ingredients

Our Favorite Holiday Recipes of 2020, From Our Zinus Family to Yours

Put a little extra joy on your table this holiday season with a few...

Winter bedroom decor

6 Winter Decor Ideas for a Home That You'll Enjoy Even After the Holidays

Make staying safe and cozy inside this season an absolute treat with these simple...

copper adaptive hybrid mattress

What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

Most people are familiar with the two most common mattress types—spring and memory foam....

dining set with table decor

6 Thanksgiving Table Decor Tips for the Perfect Setting for You and the Kids

Take these 6 Thanksgiving Decor Tips and create a picturesque, family-friendly holiday dining table...

featherlite zero gravity adjustable bed base

7 Benefits of Sleeping in Zero Gravity Position

In short, it involves raising the head and knee line slightly above your heart,...

annette platform bed frame

How a Tall Headboard Can Give Your Bedroom Serious Style Points

Trying to maximize your bedroom’s design potential? Sometimes all it takes is a few...

bedroom with plants

5 Easy Houseplants That Will Liven up Your Home (Literally)

Rejuvenating your space is as easy as breaking out the greenery, and following a...

pascal sofa

How Zinus is Changing the Game When It Comes to Easy Assembly Furniture

At Zinus, it’s precisely because of this struggle that we’re dedicated to changing the...

tom metal platform bed

7 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Staycation Destination

Longing to take a much-needed vacation? With help from New Jersey home DIY enthusiasts,...


Start the School Year Right With Our Favorite Furniture for Small Spaces

Moving to a new space to start the school year shouldn’t mean having to...

wesley etagere

One Bookshelf, Endless Possibilities

Maximize your storage potential with a Zinus étagère "bookshelf" and some helpful hints courtesy...


What Makes a Smartbase Bed Frame So Smart?

Find out why this innovative foundation is a bedroom game-changer. Traditionally, a bed is...


How Our ADAPTIVE Cover Makes for The Most Cooling Mattress Yet

Find out how ADAPTIVE® mattress technology can help you snooze more efficiently. At one...

Jocelyn Sofa in sunroom

An Armless Sofa That Fits in (But Also Stands Out) Anywhere

One contemporary chic sofa, endless design possibilities. If there’s one piece in our stylish...

cooling gel hybrid mattress

Do You Need a Mattress Topper or a New Mattress?

Learn how a topper can enhance your quality of sleep, and when it...

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5 Tips for Designing a Functional Small Space

We’re taking on the challenge of designing a 420 square foot home with a...

cooling copper topper

How Copper Helps You Sleep

It may be known as just the stuff that goes into pennies and electrical...

suzanne platforma good design award

Honoring Excellent Design: The Zinus 2019 GOOD DESIGN® Award Winners

Read about our latest winners and what the GOOD DESIGN® name means within the...

home designer jodi with the benton sofa

Maximum Style on a Minimalist Budget

We’re dreaming up inspiration for our favorite furniture pieces with the help of Atlanta...

person floating over the perfect bed

How to Choose the Right Mattress

We understand that shopping for a mattress online can leave you with few questions...

box spring

Do You Need a Box Spring?

You're certainly not alone in asking the question, "do I need a box spring?"...

Memory foam vs spring mattresses

Memory Foam vs Spring Mattresses: Which One Is Right for You?

If you’re in the business of mattress shopping, chances are you’ve come across the...

Tips to help your mattress decompress

5 Tips to Help Your Mattress Decompress

Thanks to our carefully developed compression packing technology, we’re able to flatten, roll and...

Choosing the right mattress size for you

A Guide to Mattress Sizes and How to Choose One for You

If you're in the market for a new mattress, chances are you’ve come across...

5 Steps to Keep Your Mattress Clean

5 Steps to Keep Your Mattress Clean

When you find “the one”, treat it right. Here’s how to keep your beloved...

How to Set up Your Guest Bedroom

How to Set up Your Guest Bedroom

Ah houseguests. Whether they’re in town for a night, a weekend or (gulp) a...